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Hey 👋 let’s talk about selling digital products!

If you’re a founder, maker, or creator like us, selling online sometimes feels like chewing glass.

But it shouldn’t be this way.

It feels amazing to be able to publish your work to the world, get instant positive feedback, and make sales. Find freedom with your passion.

But setting up payments, dealing with taxes, compliance, GDPR, fine print fees? All this while trying to market, convert leads, launch new products, keep the pace...

It just doesn't feel right.

What should be a cause for celebration often turns into a hassle. The current tool stack for selling online is just too complex. E-commerce platforms with their intricate setups don't align with the needs of creators. Dedicated tools, with their substantial costs and hidden fees, charge an average of 8-12% (sometimes even 30%), yet they still lack essential features. Consequently, you're forced to supplement them with additional software, only to utilize a small fraction of the available features.

In fact, it doesn't have to be that hard.

Today, technology gives you unique leverage that should make it all easier. And it's just the best possible time to be a creator nowadays. Literally, no one before you ever had the opportunity to reach so many people so easily, get wealthy, and be fulfilled by bringing value to others.

Imagine this.

What if you could just fill up product details, click "SELL", and focus on what really matters? What if you could easily test new products, while everything else is handled for you? Checkout, billing, taxes, compliance, consents, support, optimization, notifications, emails, testimonials, checkout recovery, product access.....

How would it feel to have a dedicated team backing up your sales, conversions, and customer success?

This should be possible. What’s more: it should be possible at the cost of just ONE of many tools you currently have to use.

Current state of tools need an upgrade.
That is why we're building easy_:
— Suite of tools for selling digital products
— Built-in best practices & UX for more conversions
— Enabling you to easily deliver & protect products
— All of the tools for the price of one

Easy_ is our way of rethinking and simplifying creator economy. The mission is to empower YOU - founder, creator, maker - to sell and deliver online products so easily that it feels effortless.

This allows you to focus on what matters: bringing value to people while having fun doing it!

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Greg Rog
Co-founder of easy_